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Suppliers research


Accordingly to your inquiry we provide you with the following:   iii.jpg 

China goods or service research;

• Collecting the information about companies, factories, any kind of economic entity and its supplied products or service.

Goods or service suppliers research is to be done in accordance with the criteria given by a client. The suppliers research service is generally rendered for free, after the work is done we provide the customer with query goods necessary characteristics and price. We execute the goods delivery on behalf of our company Vector Trade Limited.

In most of cases we do the on-line research, therefore sometimes we may have a lot of urgent questions and in order to solve all the problems upon arising, we would need to contact customers very quick.

 While collecting the data about the concrete manufacture and by your additional request as well, we provide complete records about any company, records are to be included the data as below:

– factory technological and manufacturing level

– employees' experience and qualifications 

– enterprise financial situation

whether the company is willing to get the order and if yes, what they're ready to do for

– company's general position on the China market

 – manufacturer's conditions by the side of its rivals

As a result of done work, we prepare the report that includes the following documents and some additional information concerning the company:

Manufacturer technical assessment:

– Equipment and technology

– Certificates

– Compliance with industry regulations and international quality standards

– Staff qualifications

– Equipment capacity and deterioration

– Machinery spare parts and raw materials

Financial assessment:

– company profile and registration, general information on manufacturing on production quality

– main and secondary spheres of activity, export permit

financial ratio analysis and enterprise general review

– rival enterprises and cooperation with another foreign companies

Arm oneself with above information drawn by our company assistance, you can sufficiently minimize possible risks when starting the cooperation with the new supplier.


Service cost:

• Goods and service research - free of charge

• Collecting the information about the certain manufacturer - 300 USD


We work on prepayment conditions.




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